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Breathing is one of the most basic and important functions our bodies can perform. This function is performed by the Respiratory system and involves the lungs, the nose, the mouth and the passages connecting them. Any condition that affects this system can have a body-wide impact as all other systems depend on respiration to provide them with oxygen and remove unwanted carbon dioxide.

At NWSC we treat patients with all types of respiratory conditions and are happy to help with difficult diagnostic problems such as chronic cough and unexplained breathlessness; those problems needing rapid assessment such as the unexplained pulmonary nodule; and take on the management of long term conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, asthma, pulmonary vascular disease and interstitial lung disease. We offer a comprehensive service that includes diagnostic respiratory function testing and specialist consultation.

Respiratory Function Testing is provided by our diagnostic partner, Advanced Pulmonary & Sleep Diagnostics, in sites across the area, including  Niddrie (NWSC), Footscray, Werribee, Sydenham and Melton. These tests are performed by our highly trained scientists and assist our specialists in the diagnosis of various respiratory conditions.

We work as a team, so patients with complex disorders involving more than one area of specialty can be managed with ease. Our experts are all attached to public and private hospitals, so there is no impediment to arranging inpatient care including bronchoscopy or sleep studies, if needed.

More information about the services our Respiratory Disorders specialists provide can be found here:

Respiratory Specialists 

Assoc. Prof. Ian Glaspole
Allergy, Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Hoan Tran
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Simon Frenkel
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Matthew Rodrigues
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Jun Khoo
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician