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Sleep is one of the most important functions our bodies can perform. While it’s taken for granted by most, for those who suffer from a sleep disorder, gaining a good nights sleep can become an all-consuming problem. Sleep disorders have a deeper impact that just some morning drowsiness, affecting the total health, family well-being and job performance of sufferers. People who experience more than an occasional sleepless night know that lack of sleep is a serious problem and requires specialized attention.

At NWSC, our Sleep Services Team of specialist physicians, sleep technicians and sleep consultants work together to treat patients with all types of sleep disorders including Insomnia, Excessive Sleepiness, and Sleep Apnoea (OSA, CSA and Mixed); approximately four percent of men and two percent of women meet the minimum criteria for sleep apnoea, yet less than one-half of a percent knows it. Our dedicated specialists have the professional expertise and experience to provide crucial services to those who suffer from this condition, including access to sleep studies and the provision of medical sleep devices.

Sleep Studies are provided by our diagnostic partner, Advanced Pulmonary & Sleep Diagnostics, and can be performed in the hospital or, alternatively, in the comfort of your own home using one of their Portable Monitoring Devices. These devices measure the activity of a patients heart, as well as the breathing, snoring and general body movements of patients while they sleep. Results are analysed by our team of scientists, with results sent to the referring doctor within two weeks of the study being completed.

More information about the services our Sleep Disorders specialists provide can be found here:

Sleep Disorders Specialists

Assoc. Prof. Ian Glaspole
Allergy, Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Hoan Tran
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Simon Frenkel
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Matthew Rodrigues
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Jun Khoo
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Damian Teo
Sleep Dentist