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Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Simon Frenkel is a Respiratory and Sleep Disorders Physician who undertook his training at The Alfred and Western Hospitals in Melbourne. He presently has an appointment as a Staff Specialist at Western Health and undertakes private practice in Footscray, Niddrie and Werribee. Whilst he has expertise in all aspects of Sleep Medicine, he has a particular interest in non-respiratory sleep disorders including insomnia, sleepiness, circadian rhtyhm disturbances and restless legs syndrome. He uses mutli-discplinary models of care to optimise health outcomes for his patients. He is actively involved in sleep education, having presented at numerous state and national scientific meetings along with providing education to General Practitioners and the general community. He is presently co-chair of the Sleep Physicians Council of the Australasian Sleep Association.

In addition to consulting at the North West Specialist Centre and the suburb of Sunbury, he is a Staff Specialist at the Western Hospital and consults at the Lung and Sleep Clinic in Footscray and Werribee.

Consulting Times: Monday, Thursday